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shield/block, deflect,bash Description brief Region of association Era of association
Massai style shield A small padded leather handshield of almond shape centally mounted to a staff Africa Traditional
Ishlangu Oxhide strapped to a wooden spine used as a shield Zulu/Africa Traditional
Yetholm-type shield Bronze Age shield from northwestern Europe, especially the British Isles Europe 1200-800 BC
Viking-style shield A round and flat shield made of plywood and brightly painted to disguise the grain of the wood.
Scutum A large rectangular and convex shield used by Roman legions Rome Antiquity
Buckler A small hand shield also used as a parry weapon and not good versus projectiles
Targe Term used for shields common to Europe Medieval
Kite shield A large teardrop shaped shield Medieval
Heater shield A medium flat shield with round bottom and flat top when represented in heraldry it's called an escutcheon. Medieval
Rondache Medieval style roundshield Medieval
Aspis/Hoplon Greek word for variety of shields. Its signature style is a bronze clad wood saucer with decorative paint. Mediterranean Ancient
Pavise A large convex shield similar to kiteshield in shape and used by archers as a blind.
parma Roman round shield favored by auxiliaries
Clipeus Greek style roundshield with a central spike Greeks/Romans
Clipeus virtutis A clipeus awarded to Roman soldiers as a medal of honor
Pelta Crescent-shaped wicker shield used by javalin skirmishers Old world before 3rd cent BC
Adarga Two-ply leather shield of antelope hide of various shapes Spanish Moors
Thureos A large oval shield Mediterranean 3rd BC(+)
Witham Shield RELIC a 4th century shield excavated in Britain
Battersea Shield RELIC Bronze shield found in the Thames river Britain
Prince Charlie's Targe RELIC one of 13 ornate shields given out as trophies for supporters c. 1745
Riot shield A medium to large shield made of modern plastics to protect police from thrown objects Modern


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