List of Super Bowl Halftime Shows

The following is a list of Super Bowl halftime shows, held in the United States in the middle of the Super Bowl. Halftime shows are a tradition during football games at all levels of competition. This will be a twelve minute interval for the half time.In most years since the mid-1980s, the halftime show of the Super Bowl has featured popular recording artists and other well-known celebrities. It increased viewers during and after the halftime show, something never encountered before in the history of the Super Bowl. That performance is regarded one of the most watched events in American television history with a reported 135 million viewers from the United States alone. Musical genres over the years have represented a broad range of music types, including pop, rock, classic rock, country, hip hop, rap, blues, and soul. In some years, short skits or drama scenes are acted out on a stage.

The Super Bowl halftime show represents a fundamental link to pop culture, which helps broaden the television audience and nationwide interest.

The 2012 halftime show of Super Bowl XLVI headlined by Madonna was the most-watched Halftime Show ever, with 114 million viewers, about 3 million more than the actual game.

Beyoncé is set to headline the 2013 halftime show of Super Bowl XLVII.

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