List of Sunken Battlecruisers - Sunk in Combat

Sunk in Combat

The following ships were destroyed in battle, most of which are considered war graves.

Name Navy Casualties Date sunk Location Condition Relics Image
Invincible !HMS Invincible Royal Navy 1,015 31 May 1916 North Sea Invincible lies in two pieces in 180 feet (55 m) of water
Indefatigable !HMS Indefatigable Royal Navy 1,015 31 May 1916 North Sea Heavily salvaged, only large pieces of metal remain on the sea floor One of the ship's life savers that survived the sinking is on display at the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester
Queen Mary !HMS Queen Mary Royal Navy 1,257 31 May 1916 North Sea Queen Mary lies upside down in 200 feet (61 m) of water
Lützow !SMS Lützow Imperial German Navy 157 1 June 1916 North Sea Lützow is relatively intact, upside down, in 160 feet (49 m) of water
Repulse !HMS Repulse Royal Navy 327 10 December 1941 South China Sea On her side in 180 feet (55 m) of water
Hood !HMS Hood Royal Navy 1,415 24 May 1941 Denmark Strait In pieces in 10,000 feet (3,000 m) of water Two of the Hood's 5.5-inch (140 mm) guns, removed earlier during a refit, were installed on Ascension Island where the battery still exists today in a largely intact condition. A single gun mounting survives on the Faroe Islands

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