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Cassandra Benedict

Karen Moncrieff (June 20, 1990-April 9, 1992)

Cassandra Benedict was a foster child of the Capwells, believed to have been killed in a cave-in in the tunnel between the Capwell and Lockridge estates—an accident witnessed by four orphan boys who had been Cassie's friends. The boys made a pact to avenge her death. Years later, in 1990, they arrived in Santa Barbara as grown men - Ethan Asher, Stephen Slade, Craig Hunt and Derek Griffin, still haunted by the childhood tragedy. Derek in particular was obsessed with revenge—he blamed Mason, who had tormented his foster sister. Just as Derek was preparing to execute Mason, Cassandra revealed herself to be alive. Cassie was welcomed back into the Capwell fold and made an honourary member of the family, quickly establishing herself as a force with which to be reckoned. Cassie managed to break up Mason's relationship with Julia.

Her life was turned upside down when she discovered her long-lost mother was actually town matriarch Minx Lockridge. Minx sought her illegitimate daughter's forgiveness for abandoning her. Embarrassed and hurt, Cassie rejected Minx and kept her origins a secret to protect her place in the Capwell family. Eventually, Mason's mother, Pamela, revealed the secret, out of spite. C.C. still accepted her as his child. Cassie's relationship with the Lockridges remained strained, especially with the return of her half-brother Lionel's son Warren. Years before, offscreen, Cassie and Warren had had a love affair in Singapore.

Mason and Cassie became engaged while Cassie and Warren fought their attraction. Warren was blamed when Mason was shot. Augusta later revealed the truth: that Warren was not Lionel's biological son. This should have paved the way for a Cassie-Warren reunion. It was too late, however, since Warren was now in love with Angela Cassidy. Obsessed with Warren, Cassie tried to destroy Angela by uncovering Angela's role in her sister Marilyn's mysterious death. When she tried to poison Angela, Lionel was the unintended victim. Heart-broken, Minx shipped her unbalanced daughter off to a mental hospital.

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