List of Proposed State Mergers - Historic - 20th Century

20th Century

Proposed state Components Time period Successful? Notes
Arab Federation Kingdom of Iraq
1958 Yes
(14 February 1958 - 2 August 1958)
An attempt to unify the two Hashemite kingdoms of Iraq and Jordan. While successful, the short-lived union was disestablished after a military coup deposed King Faisal II of Iraq.
Arab Islamic Republic Libya
1974 No Proposed by Muammar Gaddafi.
Balkan Federation Albania
1910 No
Federation of Arab Republics Libya
United Arab Republic
Also invited:
1972-1977 No An attempt to build a Pan-Arab state.
Franco-British Union France
United Kingdom
1956 No Proposed by French Prime Minister Guy Mollet during the Suez Crisis.
Germany East Germany
West Germany
1990 Yes German reunification
Greek-Serbian Federation Greece
Republic of Macedonia
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
1992-2001 No A serious project proposed by Slobodan Milošević in 1992.
Greek-Yugoslav confederation Strictest definition:
Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Loosest definition also includes:
1942-1944 No
Malaysia Malaya
1963 Yes Singapore left the federation on 9 August 1965.
Międzymorze Belarus
Kingdom of Yugoslavia
November or December 1918 No Also called "Intermarum". Suggested shortly after World War I to combat the influences of Germany and Russia.
North Borneo Federation Kingdom of Sarawak
British North Borneo
Protectorate of Brunei
1956-1960 No
Polish-Czechoslovak confederation Czechoslovakia
1939–1948 No A serious project proposed by Władysław Sikorski.
Senegambia Confederation The Gambia
Between 1 January 1982 and 30 September 1989 Yes
(1 January 1982 - 30 September 1989)
Loose confederation was formed, but ended due to Gambia's lack of interest in integration.
Soviet Union Byelorussian SSR
Russian SFSR
Transcaucasian SFSR
Ukrainian SSR
1922 Yes
(1922 - 1991)
Treaty on the Creation of the USSR
Tanzania Tanganyika
1964 Yes
Ukrainian People's Republic Ukrainian People's Republic
West Ukrainian People's Republic
1919 Yes
Act Zluky
Union of African States Ghana
1958 Yes
(23 November 1958 - 1962)
The Union fell apart in 1962, when Guinea started to reach out to the United States, against the Marxist leaning of the other partners, who were more oriented towards the Cold War adversary of the U.S., the Soviet Union.
United Arab Republic Egypt
1958 Yes
(22 February 1958 - 28 September 1961)
A short-lived Pan-Arab state.
United Arab States United Arab Republic
North Yemen
1958 Yes
(8 March 1958 - 26 December 1961)
Loose confederation between United Arab Republic and North Yemen.
Vietnam North Vietnam
South Vietnam
1976 Yes
Yemen North Yemen
South Yemen
1990 Yes
Kingdom of Yugoslavia Kingdom of Montenegro
Kingdom of Serbia
State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs
1918 Yes
(1918 - 1992)
Creation of Yugoslavia

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