List of People With Surname Wilson - A


  • Alan Wilson (rugby league), Australian rugby league footballer
  • Albert George Wilson, American astronomer
  • Alex Wilson (athlete) (1905–1994), Canadian track and field athlete
  • Alexander Wilson (1776–1813), American ornithologist
    • Alexander Wilson (Australian politician), former Member of the Australian House of Representatives
    • Alexander Wilson (U.S. Representative), U.S. Representative from Virginia, 1803–1809
    • Alexander Wilson (writer) (1953–1993), Canadian writer, landscape designer, and community activist
    • Alex Wilson (athlete), Canadian athlete
    • Alex Wilson (musician), English salsa and Latin jazz pianist
    • Alexander Wilson (British Army officer), Lieutenant Governor of Jersey
    • Alexander Wilson (Vauxhall), founder of Vauxhall Motors
    • Alexander Wilson (Wisconsin politician), attorney general of Wisconsin, 1878–1882
  • Allan Wilson (army officer) (1856–1893), British soldier
  • Andrew Wilson (disambiguation), one of several people, including:
    • Andrew Wilson (academic), Unificationist theologian
    • Andrew Wilson (actor) (1964-), American actor, brother of Luke and Owen Wilson
    • Andrew Wilson (historian) (1961-), British historian
    • Andrew Wilson (musician), frontman for New Zealand punk trio Die! Die! Die!
    • Andrew Wilson (RAF officer), Royal Air Force commander
    • Andrew Wilson (writer) (A. N. Wilson, 1950-), English author
  • Angus Wilson, British author
  • Ann Wilson (b. 1950), Lead singer for American rock band Heart, sister of Nancy Wilson
  • Anne Wilson, Australian poet
  • Anthony Wilson (ice hockey), Australian ice hockey player
  • Anthony H. Wilson, record-label owner, nicknamed "Mr Manchester"
  • Art Wilson, American baseball player
  • Arthur H. Wilson, Philippine-American War Medal of Honor recipient
  • August Wilson, American playwright

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