List of National Medal of Science Laureates - Engineering Sciences

Engineering Sciences

  • 1962 Theodore von Kármán
  • 1963 Vannevar Bush, John Robinson Pierce
  • 1964 Charles S. Draper
  • 1965 Hugh L. Dryden, Clarence L. Johnson, Warren K. Lewis
  • 1966 Claude E. Shannon, Vladimir K. Zworykin
  • 1967 Edwin H. Land, Igor I. Sikorsky
  • 1968 J. Presper Eckert, Nathan M. Newmark
  • 1969 Jack St. Clair Kilby
  • 1970 George E. Mueller
  • 1973 Harold E. Edgerton, Richard T. Whitcomb
  • 1974 Rudolf Kompfner, Ralph Brazelton Peck, Abel Wolman
  • 1975 Manson Benedict, William Hayward Pickering, Frederick E. Terman, Wernher Von Braun
  • 1976 Morris Cohen, Peter C. Goldmark, Erwin Wilhelm Müller
  • 1979 Emmett N. Leith, Raymond D. Mindlin, Robert N. Noyce, Earl R. Parker, Simon Ramo
  • 1982 Edward H. Heinemann, Donald L. Katz
  • 1983 William R. Hewlett, George M. Low, John G. Trump
  • 1986 Hans Wolfgang Liepmann, T. Y. Lin, Bernard M. Oliver
  • 1987 Robert B. Bird, H. Bolton Seed, Ernst Weber
  • 1988 Daniel C. Drucker, Willis M. Hawkins, George W. Housner
  • 1989 Harry George Drickamer, Herbert E. Grier
  • 1990 Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Nick Holonyak Jr.
  • 1991 George Heilmeier, Luna B. Leopold, H. Guyford Stever
  • 1992 Calvin F. Quate, John Roy Whinnery
  • 1993 Alfred Y. Cho
  • 1994 Ray W. Clough
  • 1995 Hermann A. Haus
  • 1996 James L. Flanagan, C. Kumar N. Patel
  • 1998 Eli Ruckenstein
  • 1999 Kenneth N. Stevens
  • 2000 Yuan-Cheng B. Fung
  • 2001 Andreas Acrivos
  • 2002 Leo Beranek
  • 2003 John M. Prausnitz
  • 2004 Edwin N. Lightfoot
  • 2005 Jan D. Achenbach, Tobin J. Marks
  • 2007 David J. Wineland
  • 2008 Rudolf E. Kálmán
  • 2009 Amnon Yariv

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