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Kam Kamazaki

Japanese name: Kokuryu Kamizake (カミザケ コクリュウ Kamizake Kokuryuu)

Kam Kamazaki designed almost all the Kilobots and the EX-Medals. His mother left him when he was younger and his father neglects him. Cruel, serious, sometimes sarcastic and a cheater, he doesn’t have any friends, only followers. Kam paid the kilofighters to become his “friends” with free kiloparts. Kam is extremely cruel with his Kilobots, not showing pity, and is known to “trash them” when a new and more powerful Kilobot is created. He is also determined to prove the superiority of Kilobots over Medabots, to the point where he once harassed Ikki and Medabee. The only obstacle towards that was the Medaforce, so Kam sought to try to harness the power for himself, failing to understand that it could only manifest of a bond of friendship. Since he was a small child, Kam was always alone: his mother died when he was 4 years old and his father never gave him attention, eventually changing him into a cold-hearted fighter. Although Blakbeetle is the only loyal "friend" he has, she too was eventually scrapped for an even more powerful Kilobot. By the series finale, after a near-death experience at the Kilobot factory, Kam reconciles with Blakbeetle and is welcomed to robattle with Ikki and friends.

In the English version, both he and Blakbeetle are voiced by Caroline Lesley.

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