List of Mario Television Episodes - Super Mario World

These episodes are listed in the original US order rather than the production order or the Captain N production order which aired alongside Super Mario World.

Ep# Title Original airdate Production code
1 "Fire Sale" September 14, 1991 101
Wendy kidnaps Mama Fireplant and uses her to heat up her ice palace.
2 "The Wheel Thing" September 21, 1991 102
Mario reinvents cars for the cave people, but it really only leads to traffic jams, and an surprise attack by Ludwig and Bowser.
3 "Send in the Clown" September 28, 1991 103
Bowser, Morton and Wendy host a circus to lure all of the cave people into their trap.
4 "Ghosts 'R' Us" October 5, 1991 104

When a Magikoopa abducts Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach, Yoshi and Oogtar must brave a haunted forest to rescue them.

Note: On the syndicated series Super Mario All Stars, the entire scene, where Yoshi faces the Big Boo, was cut due to the scene was too long.
5 "King Scoopa Koopa" October 12, 1991 105
Luigi, Yoshi and the cave people get addicted to eating Bowsers's new fast food, which gives them unwanted side effects.
6 "The Night Before Cave Christmas" October 19, 1991 106
Mario and Luigi introduce Christmas to the cave people, but Bowser steals all of Santa Mario's toys.
7 "Born To Ride" October 26, 1991 107
After getting scolded by Mario and Luigi, Yoshi joins up with an evil dinosaur biker gang. But Yoshi tells Mario, Luigi and Peach that he is joining a social group, not a gang.
8 "Party Line" November 2, 1991 108

Mario reinvents the telephone for the cave people, but they soon find themselves talking on the phone too much.

Note: Tracy Moore's voice, for Princess Peach, changed in this episode.
9 "Gopher Bash" November 9, 1991 109
When Luigi teaches the cave people how to grow their own crops, Larry gets a group of Monty Moles to steal them.
10 "Rock TV" November 16, 1991 110
Bowser sells TV sets to the cave people. The TV sets are really just Bowser's plan to hypnotize viewers into capturing the Super Mario Bros.
11 "The Yoshi Shuffle" November 23, 1991 111
A Magikoopa turns Luigi into an egg which Roy and Larry steal. When Mario and Yoshi find out, they must challenge them to a game of football with Luigi as the ball and the prize.
12 "A Little Learning" November 30, 1991 112

Lemmy and Iggy enroll themselves in Princess Peach's kindergarten, much to everyone else's surprise.

Note: There is an error in the song for this episode. The scene took place in elementary school, but the song mentions only high school. This error was never corrected for syndication, not even on DVD.
13 "Mama Luigi" December 7, 1991 113

Luigi tells Yoshi a bedtime story about when he went to Dinosaur World on a holiday and found Yoshi.

Note:Yoshi called Luigi'Mama Luigi'(as Yoshi is young)during Luigi is telling a bedtime story.
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