List of Latvians in The NHL - Players


This is a list of players drafted in the NHL Amateur and Entry Draft. In 1975 Viktor Khatulev became the first Latvian and also the first Soviet hockey player to be drafted.

Name Position Draft
Club Round No.
Kristers Gudļevskis G 2013 Tampa Bay Lightning 5 124
Zemgus Girgensons F 2012 Buffalo Sabres 1 14
Teodors Bļugers F 2012 Pittsburgh Penguins 2 52
Kristiāns Pelšs F 2010 Edmonton Oilers 7 181
Kaspars Daugaviņš F 2006 Ottawa Senators 3 91
Artūrs Kulda D 2006 Atlanta Thrashers 7 200
Oskars Bārtulis D 2005 Philadelphia Flyers 3 91
Raitis Ivanāns D 2005 Montreal Canadiens 3 41
Mārtiņš Karsums F 2004 Boston Bruins 2 64
Raimonds Daņiličs F 2003 Tampa Bay Lightning 8 255
Lauris Dārziņš F 2003 Nashville Predators 9 268
Jēkabs Rēdlihs D 2002 Columbus Blue Jackets 4 119
Krišjānis Rēdlihs D 2002 New Jersey Devils 5 154
Armands Bērziņš F 2002 Minnesota Wild 5 155
Juris Štāls F 2001 New York Rangers 9 269
Agris Saviels D 2000 Colorado Avalanche 2 63
Jānis Sprukts F 2000 Florida Panthers 8 234
Kaspars Astašenko D 1999 Tampa Bay Lightning 5 127
Georgijs Pujacs D 1999 Boston Bruins 9 264
Kārlis Skrastiņš D 1998 Nashville Predators 8 230
Aleksandrs Andrejevs D 1997 Phoenix Coyotes 8 207
Aleksandrs Kerčs F 1993 Edmonton Oilers 3 60
Harijs Vītoliņš F 1993 Winnipeg Jets 9 228
Sergejs Žoltoks F 1992 Boston Bruins 3 55
Grigorijs Panteļejevs F 1992 Boston Bruins 6 136
Viktors Ignatjevs D 1992 San Jose Sharks 11 243
Sandis Ozoliņš D 1991 San Jose Sharks 2 30
Artūrs Irbe G 1989 Minnesota North Stars 10 196
Helmuts Balderis F 1989 Minnesota North Stars 12 238
Harijs Vītoliņš F 1988 Montreal Canadiens 9 228
Viktors Hatuļevs F 1975 Philadelphia Flyers 9 160

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