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James Richards

Elly's father, James Richards (born March 21, 1921–2010), known to the Patterson family and readers as "Grandpa Jim", was a World War II veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force's 408 Squadron. After his wife Marian died in 1998, Jim lived with Elly and John for several years and became very close with his younger granddaughter April, first giving her a harmonica that he kept with him during his time in the military, then later teaching her how to play the guitar. He met Iris Reid in 2000, moved to an apartment in the same seniors' housing building soon thereafter, and they eloped to England in 2003. April's success with her band inspired Jim to form his own band, The New Bentwood Rockers.

Jim suffered a stroke in September 2006 and spent several weeks in the hospital. He was able to return to his apartment under the care of Iris and home health aides. While the readers were aware that there was less damage to Jim's brain than originally feared (as evidenced by his still sharp thought balloons), his ability to speak was severely impaired, and the other characters remained unsure about just how much damage had been done.

In the October 3, 2007 strip, Jim was found in an unresponsive state by a horrified Iris. He had suffered another stroke and was temporarily in a coma at the hospital. Once again he recovered enough to return home to Iris's care; however, his health was declining rapidly and Elizabeth, hearing April's description of Jim's failing health after April had visited her grandfather, accelerated her wedding plans to enable him to attend.

In the August 16, 2008 strip, Jim suffered a heart attack and was unable to attend Elizabeth's wedding, but Elizabeth and Anthony went to visit him in hospital immediately after their wedding. The August 31 epilogue strip revealed that Jim would live to see a new great-grandson and die at age 89 in 2010.

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James Richards

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