List of Fablehaven's Magical Creatures - A-C


Similar to a centaur except with the body of a moose. In book 4, an Alcetaur was one of the sentries at Blackwell Keep's front gate.
Ghostly forms that look identical to humans except a little translucent. An apparition warns Seth of the dangers he might face on Lady Luck.
Large golden owls with human faces featured only briefly in the third book. It is said by Ruth (Grandma) Sorenson that they are very mysterious, and that little is known about them. Kendra saw one during the time between visits to the preserve, between books 1 and 2. Seth may have also seen one in book 2, without having drunk the milk. It was in the appearance of a regular black owl, but he knew it was not what it appeared. In book 4 they were revealed to have been the former servants of the Fairy Queen, and the bodyguards of the Fairy King. However, they were full of pride, and they failed in their duty, resulting in the downfall of the King, the fall of all male faries (and subsequent rise of Imps), and their banishment from the queen's service. Only ninety-three of them exist (not including the three that were killed by Navarog), and six of them turned dark when they were banished. In Book 5, they are unbanished by the Fairy Queen and are transformed to their true forms: men in golden armor with large wings. Some of their names are Peredor, Denwin, Targoron, Silvestrus, Rostimus, Crelang and Gilgarol, who was the Captain of the Astrids. They help in the battle against the demons released from Zyzyx. Bracken once reveals that their regiment was called the Knights of the Dawn—the same name that the brotherhood in opposition of the Society took.
Powerful and dangerous creatures that inhabit the Dragon Sanctuary, Wyrmroost, as listed by Agad, the caretaker.
Magical beings in human form that can exert power over others through a bite, of which the myth of vampires was based. The three blixes explained in Rise of the Evening Star are:
  • Viviblix - These can temporarily reanimate the dead. In book 2, Errol Fisk describes the curator of a mortuary as a Viviblix, and likely has turned some of the dead in his care to zombies. At the end of Book 3, several skeletons from the museum at Lost Mesa suddenly come to life and help overthrow the preserve. Navarog reveals at the end of book 4 that it was Mr. Lich who made this possible. It is confirmed in book 5 that he is a viviblix.
  • Narcoblix - These can control the actions of others while they are sleeping. Vanessa Santoro, first mentioned in book 2, is a Narcoblix and bites others in their sleep in an attempt to overthrow the preserve. She is thwarted and put in the Quiet Box to keep her from controlling those she had bitten. She appears sporadically throughout the third and fourth books, but is finally freed in the fifth, when she helps the Knights of the Dawn battle the Society of the Evening Star. Another narcoblix named Wayne is confronted at Obsidian Waste.
  • Lectoblix - These age quickly, and survive by draining the youth of others. In book 4 Torina Barker reveals herself to Kendra as a Lectoblix. Held captive with Kendra are several 'elderly' victims of the lectoblix. Out of 'kindness' she allowed them some years left to live, but others she absorbed all youth out until they perished from old age. She appears several times in the fifth book, pursuing the Knights of the Dawn on Obsidian Waste, and hunting down the Eternals.
Brownies are flightless fairy folk who love to fix things that are broken, and improving them where possible. Also, when ingredients are left out, they will bake something delicious, although they always attempt to make it into a dessert. Grandma Sorenson mentions in the second book that brownies invented the delicious dessert, brownies, which is how they got their name. In the first book, when goblins and other unfriendly creatures from Fablehaven raid and wreck the house on Midsummer's Eve, the brownies repair it in an unbelievably short amount of time. In the second book, Kendra and Seth have to shrink themselves and pass through the underground Brownie community to get inside the house. In book three, the brownies become affected by the shadow plague and fill the house with deadly traps.
Strong and intelligent beings that are part horse, and part man. The Centaurs have only played a role in the third and fourth book. They are portrayed as being very noble and prideful. The three centaurs mentioned in the third book are Stormbrow, Cloudwing, and Broadhoof. In book 4 their most treasured item is the Soul of Grunhold or the first horn of a unicorn. The names of other centaurs are Quickstride, Bloodthorn, Skygazer, Fleetfoot, Edgerunner, and Graymane who is the leader of the centaurs, and counsels with Stan Sorenson regarding their prized talisman, the unicorn horn or "Soul of Grunhold". In Book 5, when Fablehaven falls, the Centaurs try to take over the preserve but are thwarted by Seth, Vanessa, Hugo, Newel, & Doren.
Thronis, the sky giant, obtains a magic figurine, that when uttered the correct words, will become an actual chimera, obedient to his will. Chimeras are mentioned as one of the creatures inhabiting the Living Mirage preserve.
One of these killed Raxtus's siblings while they were eggs, but was stopped by fairies before it killed Raxtus.
A one eyed giant. In Rise of the Evening Star, Vanessa and Errol had to get past one guarding the artifact in the inverted tower. A Cyclops also appears at the final battle between dark and light creatures in Grip of the Shadow Plague.

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