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Takaya Imamura was in charge of the character designs for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System games F-Zero and Star Fox. During the development of the F-Zero game, Imamura was surprised at the level of freedom he was given to design the characters and courses since this was his first game. The game's producer, Shigeru Miyamoto, called the F-Zero characters "seven heads tall" in comparison to the characters for Super Mario Kart, who are "three heads tall in order to suit the design of the karts". IGN claimed Captain Falcon "was thrust into the limelight" in F-Zero since he was the "star character". An eight-page comic was included in the manual of the original game that carried the reader through one of Captain Falcon's bounty missions.

The character Mr. EAD bears a few character attributes from the Mario series. "EAD" is also the same abbreviation used by Nintendo for their internal development group who are responsible for producing the Mario games. The F-Zero character James McCloud bears a resemblance to the Star Fox character Fox McCloud. According to Nintendo Power, "It's just one of the fun things the developers decided to put into F-Zero GX." Although James is also the name of Fox McCloud's father in the Star Fox series, they also stated "As similar in looks as they are, Fox and James McCloud don't have any connection." Toshihiro Nagoshi, one of F-Zero GX's co-producers, was fond of the characters and found a way to draw out their personalities during the games' development. The co-producer mentioned Amusement Vision was given relative freedom in designing the characters. With the introduction of a story mode in F-Zero GX, Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned that the characters Imamura created are finally "coming to life and taking on some personality". Nagoshi stated that its story mode was included because the development team felt that the F-Zero universe was unique and they wanted to explain some of the characters' motivations and flesh out the game world.

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