List of ETH Zurich People - Other Affiliates - Engineers


  • Othmar Ammann, civil engineer (student of the ETH)
  • Hans Albert Einstein, civil engineer (student of the ETH)
  • Karl Culmann, structural engineer (Professor at the ETH)
  • Maurice Koechlin, structural engineer (student of the ETH)
  • Christian Menn, structural engineer (student of the ETH, Professor at the ETH)
  • Jan A. Rajchman, electrical engineer (student of the ETH)
  • Rudolf Kalman, electrical engineer, mathematician (Professor at the ETH)
  • Jakob Ackeret, aeronautical engineer (student of the ETH, Professor at the ETH)
  • Wernher von Braun, aerospace engineer (student of the ETH)
  • Herbert Einstein, civil engineer (student of the ETH, Professor at MIT)

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