List of East Enders Characters (2009) - Others


Date(s) Character Actor Circumstances
8 January Mr Hathaway Uncredited Lauren Branning's social worker.
8 January Sarah McCrea Uncredited A friend and fellow student of Libby Fox and Tamwar Masood who sets up a book club, but is unable to use her home, so uses Tamwar's instead. While Sarah, Libby, Tamwar and their classmates take the club seriously, Libby and Tamwar's mothers, Denise and Zainab crash the meeting and mess around.
16 January Elaine Speight Badria Timimi Jean Slater's care worker, who Jean's daughter Stacey calls after her mother becomes depressed following the departure of her son, Sean. Elaine tells Charlie and Mo off for their intolerance of Jean. She returns a few hours later when Jean admits herself to a psychiatric unit.
23 January Kieran Sam Hoare A member of a stag party at R&R nightclub, who gets angry when the stripper that Ronnie Mitchell booked is late.
23 January Andy Uncredited The groom of a stag party at R&R.
26 January Mr and Mrs Poulton Uncredited A couple viewing 18 Albert Square.
29 January,
24–27 August
Don Geoff Leesley A man who Bradley Branning helps with fixing his car, only for him to break the wheel. When Bradley agrees to do something for him, Don leaves his dog Gumbo to Bradley's care. He returns on 24 August to take Gumbo back.
5 February Dr Maynard Eiry Thomas A doctor who oversees Danielle Jones' abortion.
13 February Eddie Will Chitty A man who Heather Trott meets at R&R nightclub, although it is assumed that he is the male escort secretly hired for her by best friend Shirley Carter. It is not known whether he had left due to Shirley assuming that he was the escort that she had booked and berated him to leave.
13 February Tim Tarl Caple A male escort hired for Heather by Shirley, who never actually meets Heather.
13 February Les Finnis Ben Homewood A model scout who spots Dawn Swann walking down Turpin Road, and takes her to a studio to take photo shots of her.
20 February Bing James Seager A man who tries to chat up Dawn Swann in The Queen Victoria.
19–23 March Polly Julia Dalkin Lauren Branning's case worker, who is taken for a drink by Max Branning so he can get information about his daughter.
10 April Clive Robinson Col Farrell Brenda Boyle's brother. Jean Slater and Mo Harris at first believe he is Brenda's boyfriend. He tells Brenda to tell her boyfriend Charlie Slater something as it is in two months' time. It is revealed in August 2009 that Clive is emigrating to Madeira with his family and Brenda is joining them.
21 April Val Sian Howard Brown Owl in the Brownie group that Heather Trott helps out with.
24 April Roger Matthew Douglas Syed Masood's landlord who comes to visit him. He introduces himself to Syed's father Masood Ahmed who turns his back on Syed for helping him with his money troubles after Roger discloses the fact that Syed owes him the rent for his flat.
30 April Mr McCormick Paul Jerricho Heather Trott's doctor, after she suffers an asthma attack.
12–14 May Lily Uncredited A woman interested in Max Branning.
5 June,
7–11 September
PC Young Lu Corfield A police officer. In September she investigates a break-in at the community centre.
8 June Iqbal Uncredited A friend of Zainab's from Mosque, who brings her a generator when the power in Albert Square goes out.
8–11 June Karn Laura Matthews A friend of Theo Kelly's from university. When Chelsea, Theo's girlfriend, becomes wary of her intentions towards Theo, he tells her Karn is a lesbian.
11–16 June Ellis Prince Michael Obiora A local footballer who plays for Walford Town F.C. who Chelsea Fox cheats on Theo with and offers her drugs. She then starts dating him. Chelsea's father Lucas Johnson finds drugs in Chelsea's bag, so he assaults Ellis, then Ellis and Chelsea leave the Square.
2 July Gianfranco Alexander Yepremian A man employed to make coffee at Ian Beale's café, who takes a liking to Christian Clarke.
3 July Steve Uncredited A vehicle breakdown engineer (towman) who Minty Peterson gives permission to remove his boss Phil Mitchell's Jaguar without Phil's authorisation.
7–9 July Adrian Jeremy Swift A man who works at the antenatal clinic visited by Heather Trott. He later brings Heather's baby scan image to her flat.
9–10 July Hugo Tom Knight A man who sells 27 Albert Square to Archie Mitchell and takes a liking to Peggy Mitchell.
9 July Judy Webber Uncredited A woman giving facial filler injections using the name Marilyn. Mo Harris claims she is 62 years old but injections have made her appear to be in her forties. Pat Evans and Peggy Mitchell sign up for injections, but Pat recognises her as Judy Webber, a woman in her forties who used to date her son David Wicks.
14–18 July Colin William Keeler A friend of Bobby Beale's. He is bribed originally for £50 by Bobby's father Ian in order for Bobby to win a talent contest. However the plan backfires when another contestant Dotty Cotton deliberately unplugs a socket that Ian has also purposely plugged to make it sound like Bobby was singing, when it is actually Colin.
21 July Dr Simmonds Drew Carter-Cain A psychiatric doctor who speaks to Stacey Slater about the possibility of her having bipolar disorder.
28 July Luke Mark Wakeling A man who targets Christian Clarke in a homophobic attack, beating him up in his flat.
28 July Mr Lambert Uncredited A man who applies to be Dot Branning's lodger. He upsets her when he puts his hand on her shoulder after thinking Dot is interested in him. He later attends the speed dating event in The Queen Victoria, where he upsets Roxy Mitchell, who calls him a pervert. He is then ejected from the pub by Ricky Butcher.
17 August Leonie Anna Niland A woman who visits Dot Branning from a nursing home confirming that her husband Jim Branning is ready to return home after recovering from a stroke.
17 August,
29 September
Molly Reynolds Uncredited Joel and Stephanie Reynolds' daughter and half-sister of Danielle Jones.
17 August,
29 September
Annabelle Reynolds Uncredited Joel and Stephanie Reynolds' daughter and half-sister of Danielle Jones.
24 August Nikki Katarina Gellin A stripper at Garry Hobbs' stag party.
15–18 September DC Deanne Cunningham Zoe Henry A police officer investigating the discovery of Trina Johnson's body.
27 October Dave Paul Shearer A man running an alcoholics' support group at the community centre that is drunkenly crashed by Ian Beale looking for his wife Jane.
12 November Ray Merryn Owen A colleague of Max Branning's.
13 November Lian Klariza Clayton A friend of Lucy Beale's.
23 November–
3 December
Isaacs Tony Pritchard A big-built man hired by a loan shark to collect assets belonging to Phil Mitchell after he fails to pay back a loan. Isaacs and his colleagues also beat Phil up as a warning.
23 November Colin Sydenham Michael Webber When Jordan Johnson tries to get a tree planted in his mother Trina's memory, he stages a protest at the council office, where Colin works. When Chelsea Fox turns up and threatens to cause a scene, he promises the tree will be planted the next day.
23 November,
28 May 2010
PC Shona Blake Catherine Bailey A police officer who comes to The Queen Victoria to arrest Sam Mitchell after she absconds. In May 2010 she interviews Ben Mitchell when he confesses to assaulting Jordan Johnson.
4 December Mark Jamie Baughan A friend of Tony King's who approaches Whitney Dean to give her an envelope containing a mobile phone so she can talk to him while he is in prison.
7–11 December Ms Gilroy Clare Kissane The witness service officer at Tony King's trial who shows Whitney around the courtroom.
7–18 December Vivien Easley QC Geraldine Alexander Whitney Dean's barrister at Tony King's trial.
7 December Fiona Madeleine Bowyer Ian Beale's date he met through the internet. She leaves when Ian asks her to pay for their champagne as he brought no money with him, leaving him embarrassed.
7 December Nurse Wilkins Wendy Nottingham A nurse at the psychiatric hospital where Stacey Slater is staying.
8–11 December Tyler Andrew Westfield A County Court bailiff who arrives at Max Branning's house along with his colleague Mickey. They put stickers on items they will collect at the end of the week if Max has not paid his debt. They return later to collect Max's assets.
8–18 December Mrs Taylor Jacqueline Defferary Tony King's barrister at his abuse trial.
15 December Barbara Laura Doddington A woman running an antenatal class attended by Masood Ahmed and Zainab Masood.

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