List of Dodge Automobiles - Vans and SUVs - United States Models

United States Models

A variety of Dodge vans and SUVs, including many of these same models, have been sold overseas as well. Most times, this was under the Fargo or DeSoto names. This list is probably far from complete, especially in regards to medium- and heavy-duty models.

For specifically foreign-market models (designed by Chrysler Europe, etc.), see below.

Also note that from 1927 to 1928, all trucks built by Dodge were actually sold under the Graham name, as that company held the marketing rights at that time.

  • Dodge A100 (1964–1970)
  • Dodge D50 (Ram 50) (1979–1993)
  • Dodge Durango (1998–present)
  • Dodge Nitro (2007–2012)
  • Dodge Raider (1987–1989 as rebadged Mitsubishi Pajero)
  • Dodge Ramcharger (1974–1993)
  • Dodge Rampage (1982–1984)
  • Dodge Ram Wagon (1981–2003)
  • Dodge Route Van (1948–1959)
  • Dodge Sprinter (2003–2009 as rebadged Mercedes-Benz Sprinter)

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