List of Digimon Data Squad Characters - Other Minor Characters

Other Minor Characters

  • Director Hashima (羽柴): Director Hashima is a representative from the Japanese Confidentiality Ministry, whose responsibility is to oversee DATS. Hashima first appeared after the Digimon known as Merukimon made his presence known, and threatened to shut down DATS for blowing their cover. He considers himself at war with all of the Digital World and that all Digimon are irrational brutes. Director Hashima appeared again when it appeared that Kevin and Michelle Krier had opened a gate to the Digital World, and had them taken into government custody. After this, he seemed to fall prey to (or cooperated) with the machinations of Kurata and had the memories of the DATS personnel and their families' memories erased when Kurata lied to him that the DATS members interfered with the original plans given to them. When Kurata was using Belphemon Sleep Mode to attack the city, he gleefully revealed to Hashima his plot. Hashima then sent military helicopters to where Belphemon Sleep Mode was to destroy it. However the missiles, ended up doing little to no damage to Belphemon and has been lead to final downfall against Kurata who sent out a wave of energy which blew the helicopters away. However they escaped without major damage and thus the crews presumedly survived the attack.
Voiced in the dub by Doug Stone.
  • Franz Norstein: Thomas' father. Franz took Thomas in after his mother's death but never seemed to show any real affection for him until the events of episode 42. When he tried to introduce Thomas to his mother, she rejected him saying he isn't a Norstein.
Voiced in the dub by Adam Bitterman.
  • Mrs. Norstein: Thomas' deceased Japanese mother. She died when trying to cross a road when she was taking Thomas to a summer festival while he was young, and saved Thomas by moving him out of the way, but the truck mutilated her, and she died as a result, as revealed in a flashback of Thomas' most hurting memories by MetalPhantomon in episode 15: The Gorge of Deception.
Voiced in the dub by Philece Sampler.
  • Relena Norstein (Ririna Norstein): Thomas' half-sister. She is handicapped due to an illness. Grandma Norstein had the doctor save her so she could carry on the Norstein blood line. When she was a baby, Thomas snuck into her room, and when she managed to grab one of his hands, she stopped crying. When Thomas freed his hand, she started crying again only calming down when Thomas gave his hand back, illustrating the bond between them.
Voiced in the dub by Kari Wahlgren.
  • Grandma Norstein: Franz's mother, and both Thomas and Relena's grandmother. The current head of the Norstein family. She at first didn't consider Thomas as the rightful heir to the Norstein family, but changed her mind due to Relena's illness. When she first met Thomas she rejected him due to him not being a "true Norstein" (being half Japanese, illegitimate and not having a mother who was an elite member of society) and seems to resent him for this. When she decides that Relena was not suitable and names Thomas as heir to the Norsteins, she then commands Franz to find Thomas a proper wife and scolds him when he refuses, forcing him to give in. She generally only thinks of her grandchildren as carriers of the family name and nothing else.
Voiced in the dub by Susan Silo.
  • Kevin Krier and Michelle Krier, known in the Japanese version as Kenji Noguchi (野口 憲治 Noguchi Kenji) and Misuzu Noguchi (野口 美鈴 Noguchi Misuzu): Kevin and Michelle are Keenan's biological parents, as well as the father and mother of his baby sister, Ruka. Ten years ago, they attempted to create a Digital Gate, but disaster struck when Keenan was drawn into it. They joined the expedition into the Digital World in order to find him, but they were forced to return to the human world with the others before they could. They were reunited with their son years later. But their reunion was interrupted when a Digimon called Hagurumon appeared in their home, and transformed their house into a monster based on a toy Keenan had as a child. Hashiba appeared, accusing them of illegally creating another Digital Gate, and took them into custody. Later, they were approached by Marcus, Thomas, and Yoshi, who asked them to create a Digital Gate for them. They agreed, and despite reservations on not having more time to spend with the son they never knew, they gave Keenan their blessing to go as well.
Kenji and Misuzu's voices are supplied by Hiroshi Naka and Niina Kumagaya in the Japanese version and by Joe Ochman and Michelle Ruff in the dub.
  • Frigimon (Yukidarumon): Frigimon was Keenan's surrogate mother after he was left stranded in the Digital World. Having heard his mother's cries for him on the other side of the gate, she came to know his name, and decided that she would take care of him. However, her life ended in tragedy during Kurata's attack on the Digital World, as she was struck by a beam from one of the attacking Gizumon.
Frigimon was voiced by Tomoko Ohtsuka in the Japanese version and by Mona Marshall in the dub.
  • Hitoshi "Neon" Hanamura (華村 仁志 (祢音) Hanamura Hitoshi): A childhood schoolmate of Yoshi's, Hitoshi was often ridiculed by his peers for his weight. Years later, he became a well-known pop singer, using the alias of "Neon Hanamura", whose sudden rise in popularity attracted the suspicion of DATS. It became known that he was using a Keramon to manipulate digital information to widen the audience of his music, as well as manipulate statistics for downloads and rankings of his songs. Yoshi went undercover and began a relationship with him, but when it appeared she was getting too attached to the case, Thomas decided it was time to act. Eventually, all three members of the team confronted Neon (after he faked a busy schedule that resulted in Yoshino falling right into his trap...clever), and the young man's anxiety led to him inadvertently causing Keramon to digivolve into Kurisarimon after a photographer took a picture of Keramon. Despite losing what he'd worked so hard for, in the end, Neon's greatest regret was that he'd have his memory erased, and thereby lose all memory of coming to know Yoshi again. His name is mentioned again in the radio by a voice that says "now you will listen to Hanamura Neon's song..." later when Yoshi drives Keenan to his parents. In the last episode, he was also rising his DNA into the sky.
Neon's voice was supplied by Tomokazu Seki in the Japanese version and by Yuri Lowenthal in the dub.
  • Hayase Harris (早瀬 翼 Hayase Tsubasa|Tsubasa Hayase): A famous boxer whose career was an inspiration to Thomas as a child. Some time ago, he was critically injured in a match. However, his career enjoyed a resurgence due to maladies that affected his opponents, which led DATS to suspect a Digimon's involvement. In truth, it was Harris' daughter, Minnie (Manami), who was using the Digimon, a Togemon, in order to ensure her father's victory. Thomas and Gaomon (as Gaogamon) defeated Togemon, and explained what had happened to her father. Despite losing his memories of the event, he resolved to fight his title match, even with the risk to his body, all in order to show his daughter the way he was meant to fight - fairly and honestly. In the last episode, he and his family were also rising their DNA into the sky.
Tsubasa's voice was supplied by Isshin Chiba in the Japanese version and by Tom Fahn in the English version.
  • Conner Shiratori (白鳥 耕一郎 Shiratori Kōichirō|Koichiro Shiratori): Conner was a schoolmate of Marcus', whose dream it was to follow in his father's footsteps as the proprietor of his family's store, which was famous for its manjuu. However, the store had fallen on tough times after Conner's mother had fallen sick, leading to his father becoming desperate for money. This led to his father becoming obsessed with, leading to him falling prey to three DemiDevimon (PicoDevimon) and a Vilemon (Evilmon), who sought to use his greed to grow in power. They disguised themselves as an idol statue, and rigged in Conner's father's favor. However, Marcus discovered this, and with Yoshi, defeated the four digimon. In the end, Conner and his father made peace, and resolved to re-vitalize their store. In the last episode, he and his father were also rising their DNAs into the sky.
Conner is voice in the dub by Jonathan Fahn impersonating Michael J. Fox.
  • Drimogemon / Digmon: This Drimogemon was one of many Digimon to breach the gap between the Digital World and the human world, but he was significant in regards to the events that led to his defeat. He was accidentally brought to this world through the equipment used by two would-be bank robbers. While not bad intentioned, he was rather naive and their greed caused Drimogemon to increase in size and rage out of control, and eventually, he escaped back to the Digital World. However, Thomas, unable to accept his failure or the chance that Drimogemon could lead even more Digimon to the human world, went to the Digital World after him. Marcus followed him, and together, they faced Drimogemon. Before he was defeated, however, he slide evolved into Digmon, forcing Thomas and Marcus to combine their digimon's power against him. This led to both accepting one another as team-mates.
Drimogemon was voiced by Satoshi Tsuruoka in the Japanese version and by Lex Lang in the English version.
  • Rhythm (movie): A Digimon in human form, she is saved by Agumon, Gaomon and Lalamon when she was being attacked by a bunch of Goblimon and an Ogremon, and tells them of Argomon and his plans. During ShineGreymon's battle against Argomon, she helps Marcus to bring his partner to Burst Mode and defeat the enemy.
  • Argomon (Algomon) (movie): Villain of the Data Squad movie. Met his end at the hands of ShineGreymon Burst Mode.

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