List of Defunct Retailers of The United States - Clothing, Shoes, & Specialty Stores

Clothing, Shoes, & Specialty Stores

  • A&N Stores — Army-Navy surplus store that later sold sportswear and footwear, with 48 stores in Virginia, ceased operations in 2008.
  • Afterthoughts — owned by Venator Group, Inc., acquired by Claire's in 1999 and converted to Icing stores
  • Anderson-Little — men's specialty retailer originally associated with a large Massachusetts-based men's clothing manufacturer; also known as Anderson Little-Richman Brothers; owned for many years by F. W. Woolworth Company; sold to Cliftex Corporation and incorporated into its Gentlemen's Wearhouse subsidiary in 1993; ceased operations in 1997, but was restarted in 2008 by the grandson and great-grandson of the original founder
  • Casual Corner
  • Charles A. Stevens and Chas stores — Chicago, Illinois area
  • Chess King
  • Copper Rivet — sold Levi's jeans
  • County Seat
  • Dawahares - Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee
  • De Pinna
  • Endicott Johnson
  • Erlebacher's
  • Foreman & Clark
  • Forth & Towne
  • Franklin Simon
  • Gantos
  • Harold's/Harold Powell — Norman, Oklahoma
  • J. Brannam — was Woolworth; liquidated
  • Jay Jacobs
  • Judy's Inc. - Founded in 1946, this women's clothing retail chain sold in 1989 to Laws International Holdings Ltd, entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from 1992 to early 1993, sold to Larry Hansel/ Westridge Partners. There were 50 Judy's stores in 1993, but the chain, including Hansel's Rampage Clothing went bankrupt by 1997.
  • Just For Feet
  • Kids "R" Us An offshoot of Toys "R" Us, selling child and preteen clothing
  • Kinney Shoes
  • Kleinhans — Buffalo, New York
  • Klopfenstein's
  • Laura Ashley - U.S. stores closed, many remain in the UK and elsewhere
  • Martin + Osa
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Raleigh's — a.k.a. Raleigh Haberrdasher
  • Richman Brothers — men's specialty store based in Cleveland, Ohio; sold to F.W. Woolworth in 1969; operated for a time as Anderson Little-Richman Brothers, finally folded in 1992.
  • Robert Hall
  • Rogers Peet — New York City and branches
  • Roos/Atkins
  • Ruehl No.925— concept brand launched by Abercrombie and Fitch in 2004; poor sales and operating losses led to A&F ceasing operations of Ruehl in early 2010.
  • Sagebrush — sold casual wear
  • The Sample — Buffalo, New York
  • Shoe Pavilion
  • Steve & Barry's
  • Tansy — sold women's clothing
  • Thom McAn Store
  • Today's Man
  • Yellow Front Stores
  • Warner Brothers Studio Store
  • Petite Sophisticate division of Casual Corner
  • Mondi
  • Metropark
  • Gadzooks
  • Contempo Casuals

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