List of Danny Phantom Characters

List Of Danny Phantom Characters

This is a list of cartoon characters from the Nickelodeon animated television series Danny Phantom. The series centers around young Danny Fenton and his coming-of-age story as a half ghost superhero to the town of Amity Park. He gradually grows, bettering himself and his powers over the course of the story as he deals with ghosts, balancing his normal and heroic life, a community that does not initially trust him, and later, fame and praise from across the country.

His companions are his two best friends; Sam Manson, a Goth girl who is entranced by the "weird and supernatural". She serves as Danny's primary love interest. The other is Tucker Foley, a lighthearted "techno-geek". Danny often has to put up with his eccentric ghost hunting parents, Jack and Maddie Fenton and his smothering, doting, but compassionate older sister Jazz Fenton. His primary nemesis is Vlad Masters, a billionaire celebrity who also doubles as a half ghost.

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