List of Computing and IT Abbreviations - O


  • OASIS—Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
  • OAT—Operational Acceptance Testing
  • OBSAI—Open Base Station Architecture Initiative
  • ODBC—Open DataBase Connectivity
  • OEM—Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • OES—Open Enterprise Server
  • OFTC—Open and Free Technology Community
  • OLAP—Online Analytical Processing
  • OLE—Object Linking and Embedding
  • OLED—Organic Light Emitting Diode
  • OLPC—One Laptop per Child
  • OLTP—Online Transaction Processing
  • OMF—Object Module Format
  • OMG—Object Management Group
  • OMR—Optical Mark Recognition
  • OO—Object-Oriented
  • OO—OpenOffice
  • OOE—Out-of-Order Execution
  • OOM—Out Of Memory
  • OOo—
  • OoOE—Out-of-Order Execution
  • OOP—Object-Oriented Programming
  • OOTB—Out of the box
  • OPML—Outline Processor Markup Language
  • ORB—Object Request Broker
  • ORM—Oject-Relational Mapping
  • OS—Open Source
  • OS—Operating System
  • OSCON—O'Reilly Open Source CONvention
  • OSDN—Open Source Developer Network
  • OSI—Open Source Initiative
  • OSI—Open Systems Interconnection
  • OSPF—Open Shortest Path First
  • OSS—Open Sound System
  • OSS—Open-Source Software
  • OSS—Operations Support System
  • OSTG—Open Source Technology Group
  • OUI—Organizationally Unique Identifier

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