List of Coffee Varieties

List Of Coffee Varieties

Coffee varieties are the diverse cultivars derived through selective breeding or natural selection of coffee plants.

Coffee beans from different places may have distinctive characteristics such as flavor (flavor criteria include terms such as "citrus-like" or "earthy"), caffeine content, body or mouthfeel, and acidity. These reflect the local environment where the coffee plants are grown, their method of process, and the genetic subspecies. In this sense, coffee can be considered similar to wine, which also demonstrates clear regional variation. Coffee from a single geographical location is called single-origin.

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... is world leader in production of green coffee followed by Vietnam and Colombia ... Top Ten green coffee Producers — 11 June 2008 Country Production (Tonnes) Footnote Brazil 000 ... Vietnam 000 ... * Colombia 000 ... F Indonesia 554 ... * Ethiopia 446 ... * Mexico 000 ... F ...

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