List of Boogiepop Characters

List Of Boogiepop Characters

Characters of the Boogiepop series, by Kouhei Kadono. The Boogiepop series includes fourteen light novels, a live-action film, an anime, two manga, and several short stories. While most characters feature in multiple titles in the series, every new addition introduces many new characters. There are also only four key protagonists who feature in every title.

Japanese voice actors and voice actors for Boogiepop Phantom, as well as actors for Boogiepop and Others, are listed under the appropriate character. A list of all titles the character appears in is also present for each of the minor characters.

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List Of Boogiepop Characters - Boogiepop Phantom
... Boogiepop Phantom (ブギーポップ・ファントム, Bugīpoppu Fantomu?) Voiced by Mayumi Asano (Japanese), Simone Grant (English) When Manticore was defeated by Echoes, its remnants ... the basic appearance of Yurihara Minako, but also imitated the cloak and hat of Boogiepop it calls itself Boogiepop Phantom ... Boogiepop Phantom protects the "special children" by preserving them beneath the city, until such time as the world is ready for them ...

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