List of Birds of South Asia: Part 1

List Of Birds Of South Asia: Part 1

This item lists those birds of South Asia in the Megapodes, Galliformes, Gruiformes and near passerines.

For an introduction to the birds of the region and a key to the status abbreviations, see List of birds of the South Asia.

For the rest of the species lists, see:

  • part 2 Remainder of non-passerines
  • part 3 Passerines from pittas to cisticolas
  • part 4 Passerines from Old World warblers to buntings

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List Of Birds Of South Asia: Part 1 - Gruiformes
... Family Otididae Little Bustard N V Tetrax tetrax Great Bustard V Otis tarda Indian Bustard E r Ardeotis nigriceps Macqueen's Bustard N W Chlamydotis macqueeni Houbara Bustard Chlamydotis undulata Bengal Florican E r Houbaropsis bengalensis Lesser Florican E r Sypheotides indica Family Gruidae Siberian Crane C W Grus leucogeranus Sarus Crane V r Grus antigone Demoiselle Crane W Grus virgo Common Crane W Grus grus Hooded Crane V Grus monacha Black-necked Crane V r Grus nigricollis Family Heliornithidae Masked Finfoot V r Heliopais personata Family Rallidae Andaman Crake r Rallina canningi Red-legged Crake V? Rallina fasciata Slaty-legged Crake r Rallina eurizonoides Slaty-breasted Rail r Gallirallus striatus Water Rail rw Rallus aquaticus Corn Crake V Crex crex Brown Crake r Amaurornis akool White-breasted Waterhen R Amaurornis phoenicurus Black-tailed Crake r Porzana bicolor Little Crake V Porzana parva Baillon's Crake rw Porzana pusilla Spotted Crake V Porzana porzana Ruddy-breasted Crake r Porzana fusca Watercock r Gallicrex cinerea Purple Swamphen R Porphyrio porphyrio Common Moorhen R Gallinula chloropus Common Coot RW Fulica atra . ...

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