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Vehicular Communication Systems - Development
... Vehicular communications is mainly motivated by the desire to implement Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) because of their key benefits in safety and traveling ease ... to increase safety by providing vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to roadside units communications through Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) ... Car manufacturers and communication corporations are also investing in vehicular communications among them are Kapsch, General Motors, Daimler Chrysler, Ford Motor Company ...
Communications In Belarus - Limited Free Expression
... that civil rights and free expression are severely limited in Belarus, though there are some individuals and groups that refuse to be controlled and some journalists have disappeared ... to transmit television programming, sell newspapers and conduct journalistic activities in Belarus (though some Russian journalists have been expelled by the Belarusian government) thus giving some ... Because the Belarus government severely limits free expression, several opposition media outlets are broadcast from nearby countries to help provide Belarusians ...
2nd (National Communications) Signal Brigade - Role
... currently has two distinct operational roles National Communications - To provide mobile and static communications infrastructure for Government, Armed Forces and ... respective regional Brigades and Divisions, with secure Command and Control communications facilities to execute their regional Integrated Contingency Planning (ICP) responsibilities in their ... This is achieved through provision of Deployable Communications Detachments for Key Points and Brigade Headquarters, using the REEBOK LAN systems Mobile Signal Detachments and ...
Vehicular Communication Systems
... Vehicular Communication Systems are an emerging type of networks in which vehicles and roadside units are the communicating nodes providing each other with information, such as safety warnings and traffic information ... As a cooperative approach, vehicular communication systems can be more effective in avoiding accidents and traffic congestions than if each vehicle tries to solve these problems ... Both are Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) devices ...