List of Astronomy Acronyms

List Of Astronomy Acronyms

This is a compilation of acronyms commonly used in astronomy. Most of the acronyms are drawn from professional astronomy and are used quite frequently in scientific publications. However, a few of these acronyms are frequently used by the general public or by amateur astronomers.


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The acronyms listed below were placed into one or more of these categories:

  • Astrophysics terminology – physics-related acronyms
  • Catalogcollections of tabulated scientific data
  • Communications network – any network that functions primarily to communicate with spacecraft rather than performing astronomy
  • Data – astrophysical data not associated with any single catalog or observing program
  • Celestial object – acronyms for natural objects in space and for adjectives applied to objects in space
  • Instrumentation – telescope and other spacecraft equipment, particularly detectors such as imagers and spectrometers
  • Meeting – meetings that are not named after organizations
  • Observing program – astronomical programs, often surveys, performed by one or more individuals; may include the groups that perform surveys
  • Organizationany large private organization, government organization, or company
  • Person – individual people
  • Publication – magazines, scientific journals, and similar astronomy-related publications
  • Software – software excluding catalogued data (which is categorized as "catalog") and scientific images
  • Spacecraftany spacecraft except space telescopes
  • Telescope – ground-based and space telescopes; organizations that operate telescopes (for example, the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO)) are listed under "organization"

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