Lineup, line up or line-up may refer to:

  • a queue area of waiting people
  • a police lineup, or identity parade, of suspects
  • the roster of a sports team at a given time
    • batting order (baseball) in baseball
    • the starting position in polocrosse
  • the members of a music band at a given time
  • the acts performing at a concert or music festival

The Lineup, Line Up, or Line-Up may refer to:

  • The Lineup (TV program), a legal and current affairs show on Fox News Channel
  • Line Up (TV series), a South Korean TV show on SBS Channel
  • "Line Up" (song), a 1994 single by British alternative Rock group Elastica
  • Line-Up (Graham Bonnet album), 1981
  • Line-up (Battlefield Band album), 2011
  • Line Up, the now-defunct journal of the Institute of Broadcast Sound

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