Linda and Terry Jamison - Terry and Linda Jamison On David Baker's "Beyond The Gate" Radio Show

Terry and Linda Jamison On David Baker's "Beyond The Gate" Radio Show

Terry and Linda Jamison were guests on David Baker’s “Beyond the Gate” radio show on January 23, 2011. They had made predictions for 2011, that consist of severe tornadoes in the Midwest of the United States. The Psychic Twins said "Severe storms, flooding and tornadoes in Southern and Midwestern states – including Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky in 2011.” They had also predicted different terror plots around the world, with specific countries being named.

  • Miami, Florida: Terror plot exposed. Reported by CNN
  • Frankfurt, Germany: “Terror attack at German airport”. Reported by CNN David Baker’s “Beyond the Gate" radio talk show recorded the Psychic Twins predictions for 2011, in which all predictions of 2011 can be heard. David Baker was also interviewed by the American Chronicle, with Wendy Garrett on July 20, 2011, giving the history behind the Psychic Twins.

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