Light Division

The Light Division was a light infantry Division of the British Army formed in the early 19th Century. It can trace its origins to the Light Companies which had been formed to move at speed over inhospitable terrain and protect the main forces by skirmishing tactics. The Light Division was primarily aimed at disrupting and harassing the enemy in light skirmish engagements before the two opposing armies clashed. Over the course of the following two centuries, the regimental makeup of the Division differed, but the philosophy remained constant.

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Sir William Erskine, 2nd Baronet - Peninsular War
... Portugal, Erskine took over the command of the famous Light Division in the absence of Robert Craufurd ... Pombal, Redinha, Casal Novo and Foz do Arouce between the Light Division and Marshal Michel Ney's rearguard ... found themselves facing elements of Jean Marchand's division deployed in line with artillery support ...
Battle Of The Nive - Battle of The Nive
... Despite poor weather, Hill led five Anglo-Portuguese divisions (2nd, 3rd, 6th, Portuguese and Pablo Morillo's Spanish Divisions) across to the east bank of the Nive near Ustaritz on 9 December ... the remainder of the British force under Hope (1st, 5th and Light Divisions, Thomas Bradford and Alexander Campbell's independent Portuguese brigades, Lord ... Wellington's Reserve included the 4th and 7th Divisions ...
The Light Division Reformed
... was the headquarters for the six English light infantry regiments and Infantry Depot O at Winchester was the headquarters for the two rifle regiments and the Middlesex Regiment ... In 1948, the depots adopted names and this became the Light Infantry Brigade and Green Jackets Brigade ... Then in 1968 the Light Division was reformed as an Administration Division with the regimentation of the Light Infantry Brigade and the Green Jackets Brigade ...
A. P. Hill's Light Division - Name
... been a reference to the famous British Light Division ... Or it may have been meant as ironic given that the Division was the largest in the Army ... Or, probably most likely, Hill simply named the Division the "Light Division" to instill a sense of speed, esprit de corps, and because he envisioned great things for it ...
Army Ground Forces - Organization of Ground Troops - Special Divisions
... In 1942, the 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 90th Infantry Divisions were converted to motorized divisions, intended to operate with armored divisions, similar to the German ... These divisions had more transport than regular infantry divisions ... However the proportion of infantry in the armored divisions was increased in 1943, and the regular infantry division actually had sufficient transport if trucks ...

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