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Photometry (optics) - Photometric Quantities - Watts Versus Lumens
... We are accustomed to thinking of light bulbs in terms of power in watts ... This power is not a measure of the amount of light output, but rather indicates how much energy the bulb will use ... Because incandescent bulbs sold for "general service" all have fairly similar characteristics (same spectral power distribution), power consumption provides a rough ...
Green Light New Orleans - Compact Fluorescent Lights
... CFL bulbs have revolutionized lighting to its most energy-efficient form ... These miniature versions of full-sized fluorescents emit more light with less power they use approximately one-third the energy of the average incandescent light bulb ... Installation is no different from the average light bulb ...
Moment Of Truth (ELO Part II Album)
... The cover illustration by Graham Reynolds depicts an incandescent light bulb shattering ... The light bulb image continues a visual theme that began with the light bulb depicted on the cover of Electric Light Orchestra's debut album ...
Centennial Light - History
... The Centennial Light is a four-watt, hand-blown, carbon filament, common light bulb manufactured in Shelby, Ohio, by the Shelby Electric Company in the late 1890s many just like it ... According to Zylpha Bernal Beck, the bulb was donated to the Fire Department by her father, Dennis Bernal in 1901 ... Power and Water Company and donated the bulb to the fire station when he sold the company ...
Leopold Koppel - Career
... Gasglühlichtgesellschaft-Aktiengesellschaft (Degea or DGA, German Gas Light Company), the forerunner of Auergesellschaft ... In 1906, DGA developed the OSRAM light bulb its name was formed from the German words OSmium, for the element osmium, and WolfRAM, for the element tungsten ... As the owner of the OSRAM trademark, Koppel separated the light bulb manufacturing from DGA in 1918, forming the OSRAM Werke GmbH, after which the new company was converted into a Kommanditgesellschaft (limit ...

Famous quotes containing the words bulb and/or light:

    ... until the shopkeeper plants his boot in our eyes,
    and unties our bone and is finished with the case,
    and turns to the next customer, forgetting our face
    or how we knelt at the yellow bulb with sighs
    like moth wings for a short while in a small place.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    the light of a whole life dies
    When love is gone.
    Francis William Bourdillon (1852–1921)