Liberal Government 1905–1915

Liberal Government 1905–1915

The Liberal Party, led by Henry Campbell-Bannerman and then H.H. Asquith as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, governed the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 1905 to 1915.

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Liberal Government 1905–1915 - List of Ministers
... David Lloyd George 12 April 1908 Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury and Government Chief Whip in the House of Commons George Whiteley 12 December 1905 Jack Pease 3 June 1908 The Master of. 11 February 1914 Edwin Samuel Montagu 3 February 1915 President of the Local Government Board John Burns 10 December 1905 Herbert Samuel 11 February 1914 Parliamentary Secretary to the. 1905 The Earl of Liverpool (2nd) 12 July 1909 The Lord Saye and Sele 1 November 1912 Government Chief Whip in the House of Lords The Lord Ribblesdale 18 December 1905 The Lord Denman 29 May 1907 The Lord ...

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