Liao can mean:

  • Liao Dynasty (915–1125), a former dynasty in northern China founded by the Khitan people
    • Northern Liao (1122–1123), state founded by the Khitans in northern China
    • Western Liao (1124–1218), or Kara-Khitan Khanate, Khitan empire in Central Asia
  • Liaoning, abbreviated as Liao, province of China
  • Liao (surname) (廖), a Chinese family name
  • Liao River, river in northeast China
  • House Liao of the Capellan Confederation in the fictional BattleTech universe
  • liao, a grammatical particle in Singlish
  • King Liao of Wu, king of Wu state in Spring and Autumn Period

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... Testimonials describes the horrific treatment of Liao Yiwu and other political prisoners in a Chongqing prison who were arrested after the June 4 ... Black Literary Treasury, Edited by Liao Tianqi ... Black Literary Treasury, Edited by Liao Tianqi ...
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... In his first career season, Liao pitched only one game three innings earning two runs ... The Elephants were ready to release Liao and the Bears were ready to claim him however the 2005 manager convinced the team to keep Liao he thought that Liao could be an excellent ... In the 2006 season, the pitching coach made Liao a starting pitcher ...
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... Liao Yu-cheng (traditional Chinese 廖于誠 simplified Chinese 廖于诚 pinyin Liào Yúchéng Wade–Giles Liao4 Yú2 Cheng2 born September 4, 1980 in Taoyuan, Taiwan) is a ... Liao was a submarine pitcher and was given the nickname Golden Submarine due to Brother Elephant's yellow uniform ...
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... Capitals of the Song Dynasty, Kaifeng and Lin'an of the Liao Dynasty, Shangjing, Nanjing, and Tokmok of the Jin Dynasty, Shangjing, Zhongdu, and Kaifeng of the Western Xia Dynasty, Yinchuan In 960, the Song Dynasty ... In 1115, the Jurchen Jin Dynasty emerged to prominence, annihilating the Liao Dynasty in 10 years ...
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... In Spring 1989, two magazine companies took advantage of the relaxed politics and carried Liao's long poems "The Yellow City" and "Idol." In the poems, he ... On June 1989, after hearing about the Tiananmen Square protests, Liao composed a long poem entitled "Massacre." Knowing that it would never be published, he made ... Liao and friends made a movie, the sequel of Massacre, "Requiem." He was arrested in February 1990 as he was boarding a train with six friends and his pregnant wife, all of whom were arrested also ...