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List Of Lesbian Periodicals - North America - USA - 1970 To 1975
... Publications Collective Iowa City 1970–? Albatross the Lesbian Feminist Satire Magazine - East Orange, New Jersey c1974–1980 Amazon a Midwest journal for women - Amazon ... Atalanta Newsletter of the Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance - Atlanta, Georgia Cowrie - Community of Women New York, N.Y ... NY 1972–1973 Focus A Journal for Lesbians - Boston and Cambridge, MA, 1971–1982 Furies - Washington, D.C ...
Julie Bindel - Journalism - Transsexualism and Transgenderism
... academics and others involved in the field." Referring to her as "a lesbian activist for the rights of women and children a rare kind of writer who puts her money where her ... Bindel put out a release via the London Feminist Network, There was a picket of the awards ceremony on 6 November 2008 with mixed support from attendees of the event ... developed since her early days as a radical lesbian feminist ...
List Of Lesbian Periodicals - North America - USA - 1985 To 1990
... Aché A (Free) Publication for Black Lesbians - also subtitled "The Bay Area's Journal for Black Lesbians", "A Journal for Black Lesbians" "A Journal ... Dykes, Disability and Stuff Cause we always have stuff to share - geared to lesbians with disabilities ... Madison, Wisconsin / Boston Massachusetts 1988–? Golden Threads - Network for older lesbians - Demorest, Georgia, 1985–Present Hag Rag - Intergalactic Lesbian Feminist Press, Milwaukee, WI c1989 Hikané The ...
List Of Lesbian Periodicals - North America - Canada
1977 Grapevine Newsletter of the Lesbian Mother's Defence Fund - Toronto, Ontario c1979–1883 Lesbian Canada Lesbienne - Atlantic Provinces Political Lesbians for Equality (APPLE), - Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1977/1978 ... Lesbian Feminists of Montreal Newsletter - Lesbian Feminists of Montreal, Montreal, QC, 1977 Lesbian Perspective - Lesbian Organization of Toronto (LOOT), Toronto, ON, 1979–1980 Lesbians/les ... paper, reorganized briefly in 1975 as lesbian feminist paper ...
List Of Lesbian Periodicals In The United States - 1977
... Farmers - by "Ozark Wimmin on Land" Fayetteville, Arkansas, c1977 Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance Newsletter - Atlanta, Georgia, 1977?-1994 ... Austin Dyke - lesbian separatist newsletter, Austin, Texas 1977-? Azalea A Magazine by Third World Lesbians, 1977–1983, published by the Salsa Soul. 1977-1980 (The) Leaping Lesbian - Ann Arbor, Michigan ...

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    The formation of an oppositional world view is necessary for feminist struggle. This means that the world we have most intimately known, the world in which we feel “safe” ... must be radically changed. Perhaps it is the knowledge that everyone must change, not just those we label enemies or oppressors, that has so far served to check our revolutionary impulses.
    Bell (c. 1955)

    Why is it so difficult to see the lesbian—even when she is there, quite plainly, in front of us? In part because she has been “ghosted”Mor made to seem invisible—by culture itself.... Once the lesbian has been defined as ghostly—the better to drain her of any sensual or moral authority—she can then be exorcised.
    Terry Castle, U.S. lesbian author. The Apparitional Lesbian, ch. 1 (1993)