LEDS can be initials for:

  • Law Enforcement Data System
  • Link Eleven Display System
  • Low Energy Dislocation Structure
  • Land Electronic Defence System (LEDS active protection system)
  • LEDs (Light-emitting diodes)
  • Life-Events and Difficulties Schedule

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LED Art - Artists Incorporating LEDs
... Holzer - One of the most well known artists who incorporates LEDs into her work ... The LEDs are attached to large grids and when a phone is activated in a section of the room, the lights turn on ... - an art collective in China that uses actors and filmmakers to make animated LED portraits ...
LED Art - Blinky - Construction - Circuit Board
... typically has anywhere from 2 to as many as 25 micro-LEDs ... LEDs that emit different colors within the visible spectrum are commonly used, whereas ultraviolet or infrared LEDs are less common in Blinkies ... Blue, white, violet, and ultra-violet LEDs often require 2 or more battery cells, due to their high voltage requirements ...
MG9082 - Driving LEDs
... The MG9082 can drive LEDs directly, without the use of an external buffer amplifier ... In this case, up to 16 LEDs can be driven directly ... Since up to 8 drive and 3 LEDs per slot could be needed, the MG9082 can also use external buffers to drive up to 4 LEDs for each of the 8 slots, which means that 32 LEDs could be driven to represent a particular ...
Christmas Lighting Technology - LEDs
... Light-emitting diode (LED) Christmas lights are quickly gaining popularity in many places due to their low energy usage (about one tenth the energy used by incandescent bulbs), very ... Colored LEDs are also far more efficient at producing light than their colored incandescent counterparts ... There are two types of LEDs colored LEDs and white LEDs ...