"Laya" may refer to:

  • Laya (surname), a Chinese Indonesian surname
  • The Layap people of the Himalayas
  • Laya (actress), Telugu movie actress
  • Jean-Louis Laya (1761–1833), dramatist
  • Laya Raki (born 1927), former dancer and film actress popular in Germany in the 1950s and early 1960s
  • Laya Francis (born 1963), former Test and One Day International cricketer who represented India
  • Laya, Bhutan, a town in Gasa District in northwestern Bhutan
  • Laya, Guinea
  • Tempo in Javanese Gamelan music, distinct from irama
  • Tempo in Indian classical music
  • Laia (tool), a farming implement known in Spanish as laya
  • Laya, the Witch of Red Pooh, a manhwa series by Yo Yo
  • Laya yoga, a form of Yoga
  • Brown huntsman spider, known as laya in some places.

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Jean-Louis Laya
... Jean-Louis Laya (December 4, 1761 – August 25, 1833) was a French dramatist born in Paris ... It is by his Ami des lois (1793) that Laya is best remembered ... Laya went into hiding, and several persons convicted of having a copy of the obnoxious play in their possession were guillotined ...
The Flower Of Hawaii - Roles
... Laya, princess of Hawaii (soprano) Prince Lilo-Taro, betrothed to Laya (tenor) Kanako Hilo, a noble Hawaiian, leader of the royalist group (baritone) Reginald Harold Stone, captain in ...
The Seekers (1954 Film) - Production Details
... German actor Laya Raki was cast as a Maori ... A publicist for the film argued at the time that Laya has a strong Polynesian cast of feature ... Well, when we stumbled across Laya Raki and tested her, she photographed ideally for the part ...
Laya, The Witch Of Red Pooh
... Laya, the Witch of Red Pooh is a manhwa series by Yo Yo ... The series stars Laya Han, a witch who procrastinates, and her cat Puss, who smokes cigarettes ... a crow who is able to transform into a human, and Nicky, Laya's free-loading friend ...
Santiago De Bonilla Y Laya-Bolívar
... José Santiago de Bonilla y Laya-Bolívar was president of the Junta Superior Gubernativa of Costa Rica from April to July 1822 ... Persondata Name Bonilla Y Laya-Bolivar, Santiago Alternative names Short description President of the Junta Superior Gubernativa of Costa Rica Date of birth 1756 Place of birth Date of death 1824 Place of death ...