Laxey - Religion in Laxey

Religion in Laxey

Laxey had a number of Methodist chapels. Shore Road Primitive Methodist Chapel was built in 1825, and closed in 1870. Glen Road Wesleyan Methodist Chapel was opened in 1850. It closed in 1966. Minorca Primitive Methodist Chapel was opened in 1870. A Sunday School was built in 1898 in land across the road. The chapel closed in 1966 when Flen Road and Menorca combined. In 1970 Minorca's Sunday School building became the new Methodist chapel for Laxey. Christ Church (the Church of England parish church) was built to a design of Ewan Christian and constructed by the Mining Company at a cost of £950 and was consecrated by the Bishop of Sodor and Man, Lord Auckland, on 27 May 1856.

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