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Short Chronology Timeline - Late Bronze Age
... Further information Bronze Age collapse The Middle Assyrian period (14th to 12th centuries) Third Babylon Dynasty (Kassite) The Kassites first appeared during the reign of Samsu-iluna of the First ... Note that after the excavation, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, of various Neo-Assyrian documents, such as the Assyrian king list, scholars assumed that the ...
Ancient Near East - Periodization
... Copper Age Chalcolithic (4500 BC - 3300 BC) Early Chalcolithic 4500 BC - 4000 BC Ubaid period Late Chalcolithic 4000 BC - 3300 BC Ghassulian, Uruk period, Gerzeh ...
History Of Ferrous Metallurgy - Iron Smelting and The Iron Age - Ancient Near East - Theories On The Origin of Iron Smelting
... attributed to the Hittites of Anatolia during the Late Bronze Age ... the Hittite empire at the end of the Late Bronze Age, were responsible for spreading the knowledge through that region ... While there are some iron objects from Bronze Age Anatolia, the number is comparable to iron objects found in Egypt and other places of the same time period and only a small number of these objects are ...
Tall Zira'a - History - Middle Bronze Age
... So far, the remains of two Middle Bronze Age strata with residential buildings have been uncovered in the same part of Area I, 2 m below the Late Bronze Age casemate wall ... Currently it is not possible to say anything definite about the Middle Bronze Age culture before the still unexcavated Late Bronze Age level and further strata have been excavated ... Jordan that we have the opportunity to observe the transition from the Middle to the Late Bronze Age culture ...
Syro-Hittite States - Late Bronze Age-Early Iron Age Transition
... Further information Bronze Age collapse The collapse of the Hittite Empire is usually associated with the gradual decline of Eastern Mediterranean trade networks and the ... of large cities and the Hittite state, the Early Iron Age in northern Mesopotamia saw a dispersal of settlements and ruralization, with the appearance of large numbers of hamlets ... dynasty and the "Great Kings" and "Country-lords" of Melid and Karkamish of the Early Iron Age, proving an uninterrupted continuity between the Late Bronze Age and the Early ...

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