Lair may refer to:

  • Animal lair, a shelter built or used by an animal
  • Lair (video game), a 2007 video game
  • Burial plot in a graveyard, in Scots language
  • Demon's Lair, fantasy role-playing game system created in 1997 by Lasalion Games
  • Devil's Lair, a large cave in Australia
  • Dragon's Lair, a laserdisc video game
  • Irma Lair, fictional character in the comic book W.I.T.C.H. and the animated series of the same name
  • Mike Lair (born 1946), American politician
  • Seduction lair or mens lair is a mens social club and study group centered around courtship initiation and development
  • Tiger's Lair, official football student section for the University of Missouri
  • Wolf's Lair, Adolf Hitler's first Eastern Front military headquarters
  • The Lair, 2007-8 American gay-themed vampire television series
  • The Lair, nickname for the location in the "Valley of the Gods" where Stringfellow Hawke kept the helicopter Airwolf hidden in the 1980s TV action-adventure series Airwolf

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