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LGBT History In The United Kingdom - 21st Century
... 2000 The Labour government scraps the policy of barring homosexuals from the armed forces ... The Labour government introduces legislation to repeal Section 28 in England and Wales - Conservative MPs oppose the move ... Scotland abolished Clause 2a (Section 28) of the Local Government Act in October though it remains in place in England and Wales ...
Theresa May - Home Secretary - May 2010 To Date
... May's debut as Home Secretary involved overturning several of the previous Labour government's measures on data collection and surveillance in England and Wales ... By way of a government bill which became the Identity Documents Act 2010, she brought about the abolition of the previous Labour government's National Identity Card and database scheme and also. 4 August 2010, The Independent reported that May was scrapping the former Labour government's proposed "go orders" scheme to protect women from domestic violence by banning abusers from the ...
British National Day - Overview - Labour Government
... of national celebration in a speech to Labour Party and think tank Progress ... Angus Robertson MP and Westminster SNP group leader stated "Labour's cack-handed attempts to resuscitate a British 'national' identity are just desperate, motivated by self interest rather than national interest" ...
Second Labour Government Of New Zealand - Significant Policies - Social
... improvements were made in social security benefits during the Second Labour Government’s time in office, as characterised by a 50% increase in family allowances, together with increases in other welfare ... to the same level as the age benefit, Labour had put “old age with family benefits and free hospitals for all into the universal group” ... By the end of the Second Labour Government, New Zealand was spending 36% of total government expenditure on welfare programmes, which was the highest rate of ...
History Of The British Labour Party - First Labour Governments Under Ramsay MacDonald - Second Labour Government (1929-1931) - Great Depression and The Split Under MacDonald
... and eventual Great Depression occurred soon after the government came to power, and the crisis hit Britain hard ... The Labour government struggled to cope with the crisis and found itself attempting to reconcile two contradictory aims achieving a balanced budget in order to maintain the pound on the Gold ... was repeatedly turned down, Mosley resigned from the government in February 1931 and went on to form the New Party, and later the British Union of Fascists after he converted to Fascism ...

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    The government is huge, stupid, greedy and makes nosy, officious and dangerous intrusions into the smallest corners of life—this much we can stand. But the real problem is that government is boring. We could cure or mitigate the other ills Washington visits on us if we could only bring ourselves to pay attention to Washington itself. But we cannot.
    —P.J. (Patrick Jake)

    You must labour to acquire that great and uncommon talent of hating with good breeding, and loving with prudence; to make no quarrel irreconcilable by silly and unnecessary indications of anger; and no friendship dangerous, in care it breaks, by a wanton, indiscreet, and unreserved confidence.
    Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl Chesterfield (1694–1773)