Labial (from Latin Labium) may refer to:

  • the lips
  • the labia (genitalia)
  • Labial (gene), a gene in Drosophila melanogaster
  • In linguistics, a labial consonant
  • In zoology, the labial scales

Other articles related to "labial":

Labial Frenectomy
... A labial frenectomy is a form of frenectomy performed on the lip ... The labial frenulum often attaches to the center of the upper lip and between the upper two front teeth ... A labial frenectomy removes the labial frenulum ...
Labio-palatalization - Labial–palatal Consonants
... Truly co-articulated labial–palatal consonants such as are theoretically possible ... However, the closest sounds attested from the world's languages are the labial–postalveolar consonants of Yélî Dnye in New Guinea, which are sometimes transcribed as labial ...