La Marche

La Marche may refer to:

  • La Marche (cave), an archaeological cave site in Vienne, France
  • La Marche, Nièvre, France
  • March (territory), or La Marche in French
  • County of La Marche, a medieval French county

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La Marche (cave) - Controversy - Further Debate
... Certain findings at La Marche have led to greater debate over the origin and development of writing systems ... In particular, an engraved reindeer antler from La Marche has provided proof that more sophisticated systems of symbols existed during the ... can be seen as even further proof that scientific opinion is increasingly favoring La Marche as an authentic site ...
La Marche (cave) - Location
... The La Marche cave is located in the Lussac-les-Châteaux area of western France ... In addition to La Marche, several other important cave sites from the Paleolithic period have been discovered in France including those at Lascaux, Niaux, Trois Frères, Font-de-Gaume and Les Combarelles, Chauvet ... The artwork found in La Marche is specifically from the middle Magdalenian period, dating to around 14,000 or 15,000 BCE ...
La Marche (cave) - Controversy - At The Time of Discovery
... created the original documents concerning the findings at La Marche ... More doubt was raised due to a number of lectures regarding La Marche given by Lwoff ... Society supported the findings at La Marche and attested to the authenticity of the paintings even if some of the details were questionable ...
La Marche à L'amour
... "La marche à l'amour" is a poem by Gaston Miron (1928–1996), one of the most studied and celebrated in Quebec poetry ... in Le nouveau journal in 1962, in a cycle of seven poems also entitled "La marche à l'amour" ...