L-3 Smart Deck

L-3 Smart Deck

SmartDeck - is a fully integrated cockpit system originally developed by L-3 Avionics Systems. and acquired in 2010 by Esterline CMC Electronics through an exclusive licensing agreement.

SmartDeck is one of the many systems available today known as a “glass cockpit.” Popularized by large transport category aircraft in the 1980s, the glass cockpit is a high technology cockpit configuration in which the traditional flight instruments and gauges are replaced by computer screens that combine information into an organized and user friendly format. As computer technology advances, glass cockpit systems are declining in cost and becoming available in smaller general aviation aircraft. These technologies are often able to offer pilots more flight information than would be available in a conventional style cockpit and many feature a high level of automation that can aid the pilot in navigation and system monitoring.

L-3 created SmartDeck as an alternative to other glass cockpit systems currently on the market. The major design objectives of integration and ease of use were achieved by designing the menu structure with a “three-clicks-or-less” philosophy similar to the Apple iPod and by incorporating navigation, weather, traffic and terrain avoidance, communication, flight controls, engine monitoring and enhanced vision into one cockpit system. This is achieved by combining a number of L-3’s situational awareness technologies into the system.

At the National Business Aviation Association annual convention in October of 2010, CMC Electronics announced that it had acquired the SmartDeck technology from L-3 and L-3 ceased all development. CMC has continued the development and, as of March 2012, was expecting to announce a launch customer in the near future.

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