Kundalini Awakening

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Kundalini Syndrome - Kundalini Awakening - Evolution
... Sannella observed "Today kundalini awakenings occur more frequently, with and without training." He suggested a significant cause ... People experience kundalini phenomena more frequently because they are actually more involved in disciplines and lifestyles conducive to psychospiritual transformation." Sannella contrasted this situation ... Stanislav Grof considers Jung's view that the awakening of Kundalini was exclusively an Eastern phenomenon and that it would take at least a thousand years before this energy could be ...
Kundalini Syndrome - Academic and Clinical Discussion
... Discussion of Kundalini-symptomatology has appeared in a few mainstream academic journals, including Psychological Reports, where M ... Thalbourne operates with a 35 item "Kundalini Scale" ... In addition to this, the understanding of Kundalini-symptomatology as a clinical category has been briefly mentioned in two mainstream publications, one article from The ...

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