KPH or kph may refer to:

  • Kilometres per hour (km/h) – a physical unit of speed or velocity (non-standard; km/h is usually preferred where SI conformance is important)
  • The Campaign Against Homophobia (Polish: Kampania Przeciw Homofobii) – a non-governmental LGBT rights and support organisation in Poland
  • Keystrokes per hour – a term used in reference to data entry speed
  • KPH Radio – a coastal radio station in California
  • Potassium hydrogen phthalate – a standard for acid-base titrations

Other articles related to "kph":

Pauloff Harbor, Alaska - Pauloff Harbor Seaplane Base
... Pauloff Harbor Seaplane Base IATA KPH – ICAO none – FAA LID KPH Summary Airport type Public Owner Public Domain Serves Pauloff Harbor (Sanak Island) Elevation AMSL 0 ft / 0 m Coordinates 54°27′33″N ...
Campaign Against Homophobia - Criticism
... from the Polish right-wing politicians, who do not support the aims of KPH, or gay rights in general ... Other critics point to several links between KPH and post-communist or socialist political parties, and claim that KPH is a means of gaining recognition ...
Campaign Against Homophobia
... Campaign Against Homophobia (original name Kampania Przeciw Homofobii, abbreviation KPH) is a Polish LGBT organisation, which aims to promote legal and social ... KPH and Lambda Warszawa Association, which very often cooperate (for example within specially formed foundations that organise events like Warsaw Pride and Culture for Tolerance Festival in ... KPH aims to contribute to establishing a tolerant society, in which gay, lesbian, transgender and other minorities feel comfortable in ...
Marconi Station - United States - Point Reyes, California
... on US national parkland a California coastal radio station (callsign KPH), formerly operated by Marconi and later RCA, is located at Point Reyes National Seashore ... The receiving station KPH was about twenty miles further north, at Point Reyes ... KPH has been preserved by volunteer members of the Maritime Radio Historical Society and is operated at weekends and on special occasions such as International Marconi Day and the anniversary of the "end ...
Mayors Of Zagreb
... Eugen Starešinić UHRO 32 1945–1949 Dragutin Saili KPH 33 1949–1950 Mika Špiljak KPH 34 1950–1951 Milivoj Rukavina KPH 35 1951–1952 Mirko Pavleković KPH 36 1952 ...