Komatsu (小松?) is a Japanese indigenous proper noun which means "small (小, ko?) pine tree (松, matsu?)".

Komatsu may refer to:

  • Komatsu, a city in the Ishikawa prefecture in Japan
  • Komatsu Airport, an airport
  • Komatsu Limited, a company mostly known for manufacturing industrial machinery
  • Komatsu LAV, an armoured car
  • Komatsu, Ehime, a former town, merged into Saijō, Ehime

Komatsu may also refer to the following people:

Family name
Pronunciation Komatsu
Region of origin Japanese
Related names Higashifushimi
  • Higashifushimi-no-miya/Komatsu-no-miya, a cadet branch of the Japanese royal family
  • Komatsuhime
  • Komatsu Akihito, a member of the Japanese imperial family
  • Ayaka Komatsu, a model/actress
  • Hideki Komatsu, a professional Go player
  • Hosei Komatsu (小松方正), and actor and voice actor
  • Rika Komatsu, a voice actress
  • Sakyo Komatsu, a science fiction writer and screenwriter
  • Satoru Komatsu (小松聖), a baseball player
  • Takeo Komatsu, a late photographer
  • Tatsuo Komatsu (小松辰雄), a baseball player
  • Yoma Komatsu, a musician
  • Miho Komatsu, a pop singer
  • Erik Komatsu, a baseball player

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Battle Of Dōmyōji
... Gotō was given the task of guarding the area near Komatsu-yama, a hilly area located near one of very few mountain passes ... by the Yamato-gawa river which runs just north of Komatsu-yama ... entering the flat plains of Osaka that exist once past Komatsu-yama ...
Type 60 Self-propelled 106 Mm Recoilless Gun - Development
... the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force contracted for one prototype from Komatsu (SS1) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (SS2) powered by a 110 hp six-cylinder diesel engine and fitted with two 105-millimeter (4.1 in ... A third series of three prototypes was built by Komatsu as the SS4 that were heavier with a more powerful engine, a new transmission and clutch and a two-speed auxiliary transmission ... Starting in 1974 a 150 hp Komatsu SA4D105 air-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel engine was fitted ...
Atsuhime (drama) - Atsuhime Travel Sketches (篤姫紀行?) - Sketch 2: Naogorō’s Homeland
... Komatsu Tatewaki Statue Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture is the hometown of Kimotsuki Naogorō (later Komatsu Tatewaki) ... At the age of 23, Naogorō was adopted by the Komatsu family and afterwards became politically influential in the tumultuous period prior to the Meiji Restoration as karō of the Satsuma Domain ...
Adney Y. Komatsu
... Adney Yoshio Komatsu (August 2, 1923 – February 23, 2011) was a general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) from 1975 until his death ... Komatsu was the first person of Asian descent to become a general authority of the LDS Church ... of Japanese parents in Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, Komatsu became a convert to the LDS Church in 1941 at age 17 ...
... Shinmei Aishinkai (神命愛心会?) is a Japanese new religious movement founded by Komatsu Kiyoko in 1976 ... Komatsu was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1928 her mother was the successor to a hereditary line of Shinto priests ... In 1976, an acquaintance of Komatsu's made a prophecy that a Shinto kami was about to descend to Earth ...