Kobra may refer to:

  • Kobra (Mortal Kombat) is a character from the Mortal Kombat series of fighting games
  • Kobra (comics), a 1976 villain in the DC Comics universe
  • Kobra (comic book), the title and main character of a Serbian comic book
  • AT-8 Songster, NATO reporting name for the 9K112 Kobra anti-tank guided missile
  • Maharashtrian Konkanastha Brahmins community in western state of Maharashtra in India (abbreviated KoBra)
  • The Kobra red dot sight for Kalashnikov automatic rifles used by Russian military forces
  • Kobra is the nickname of Canadian photographer Patrick Ellis, best known for his landscapes of the Rocky Mountains
  • Kobra, Estonia, village in Vändra Parish, Pärnu County, Estonia
  • Kobra (ride), a Zamperla flat ride based in Chessington World Of Adventures, a theme park in London
  • Kobra Khan, a character from the Masters of the Universe franchise

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