Kneeling Position

The kneeling position is a position for rifle shooting. There are no longer international competitions in pure kneeling shooting, but it is included as the last part of 300 metre rifle three positions, 300 metre standard rifle and 50 metre rifle three positions.

It takes a very long time to achieve a high level of performance in the kneeling position, this is partly due to the lack of training done in the position because of it requiring a lot of extra equipment (kneeling roll, additional sling and another set of sights etc.) The position is very uncomfortable when beginning until the shooter has got used to it, the main uncomfort comes from the right foot which is effectively wedged in between the kneeling roll and the shooter.

In the United Kingdom there is also the problem with the number of ranges being certified to allow three positions shooting. To gain certification ranges must have additional protection on the range, for example additional protection (wood to slow the bullet) around metal lighting surrounds, placed in front of the firing line, in case of a stray bullet ricocheting off and returning up the range towards the firing line.

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