Kirin may refer to:

  • Ivica Kirin (born 1970), politician, former Interior Minister of Croatia
  • Kirin Kiki (born 1943), Japanese TV and film actress
  • Jilin or Kirin, a province in Manchuria, China
  • Jilin City, a city in the province of Jilin, China
  • Qilin District, a district in Yunan, China
  • Kirin, Croatia, a village near Vrginmost
  • Kirin Brewery Company, a Japanese brewing company
  • Kyowa Hakko Kirin, Japanese pharmaceutical company
Sports events
  • Kirin Open, a Japanese golf tournament from 1974 to 2001
  • Kirin Cup, an association football tournament organised in Japan
  • Qilin or Kirin, a mythical creature known in various East Asian cultures
Arts and Entertainment
  • Kirin, a recurring creature in the novel and anime series The Twelve Kingdoms; the creature is based on qilin.
  • Ki-rin (Dungeons & Dragons), fictional creature from the Dungeons & Dragons gaming system. Also based on qilin.
  • Kirin, a clan from the video game Kingdom of Paradise
  • Kirin, a playing piece in the board game Chu shogi and other shogi variants
  • Kirin, a jutsu from the popular anime "Naruto Shippuden"
  • Kirin, an Elder Dragon-type monster from the video game Monster Hunter
  • Kirin, a main character from the manga O-Parts Hunter
  • Kylyn, a jazz-fusion album of Kazumi Watanabe, released in 1979.
Other uses
  • Kylin (operating system), a computer operating system developed in China

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... His brother Kujaku claimed that no one has ever been able to wound Kirin in battle ... After Jio, Ruby, and Ball departed from Entotsu City, Kirin decided to travel along with the three, because he wanted something to do ... Kirin has been revealed to be the son of a Cyclops father and OPT mother, and is in fact the nephew of Mei's grandfather in chapters 27 55 ...
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