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The Legend Of Suriyothai - Production - Background
... Documents sent to King John III of Portugal (1521—1557) from Domingos de Seixas, a mercenary in the Ayutthaya Kingdom from 1524 to 1549, were consulted in the making of the film ... the only one with a speaking part depicts a physician called to the deathbed of the poisoned king ... A follow-up film on King Naresuan, King Naresuan was planned for release in 2007 ...
History Of Phitsanulok Province - Ayutthaya Period - King Naresuan The Great
... After gaining independence from Burma, King Naresuan began a series of offensive attacks, beginning with an attack on Tenasserim in 1592 ... By the time of his death in 1605, Naresuan had expanded the Ayutthayan Kingdom to its greatest territorial extent in history, encompassing much of modern-day ... Naresuan's triumphs as king earned him the nickname King Naresuan the Great, and his nativity in Phitsanulok is a great source of pride for the province ...
King Naresuan (film)
... The Legend of King Naresuan (Thai ตำนานสมเด็จพระนเรศวรมหาราช, Tamnan Somdej Phra Naresuan Maharaj) is a Thai biographical historical ... Part I deals with Naresuan's boyhood, when he was taken hostage by Burmese King Bayinnaung to keep the vassal Ayutthaya Kingdom subservient ... Part II depicts Naresuan as a young adult prince, already a formidable military strategist, as he leads his army on exploits against breakaway ...

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