Khetran - Struggle Against British

Struggle Against British

Both war parties of Khetrans and the Marris attacked Kohlu police station. After looting and then burning it down they attacked a post of Gumband Lavy and also raised it do the ground. All entry points towards the city of Kohlu were sealed off by these war parties.

February 1918, Dera Ghazi Khan District was facing a threat of Khetran and Marri army. On 1 March Khar was attacked. Post office and a rest house was burned down. They also cleaned their hands on some weapons stored in post office. On 5 March they looted the city of Barkhan where government treasury was kept. Khetran army gathered in Rakni and Bawoata and then attacked Border Military burning down three of their posts. On 15 March Khetrans were seen along with Marris inside Fort Minro. That night government buildings and Bungalows were burnt down.

Khetrans, Marris and Bugtis yearly did damage of 25,000 Rupees and of 25 lives.

Khetrans did not surrender easily to the Britishers, Sir Denzel Ibbetson acknowledges it in these words:

"Khetran is an independent Baloch tribe which is situated behind Leghari, Lund (tribe) and Khosas. Their original homeland is Vehowa"

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