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Keto-enol Tautomerism - Phenols
... the aromatic character of the enol but not the keto form. 1,4-dihydroxynaphthalene 1 at 200 °C results in a 21 mixture with the keto form 2 ... Heating the keto form in benzene at 120°C for three days also affords a mixture (11 with first-order reaction kinetics) ...
Keto-enol Tautomerism
... In organic chemistry, keto-enol tautomerism refers to a chemical equilibrium between a keto form (a ketone or an aldehyde) and an enol (an alcohol) ... The enol and keto forms are said to be tautomers of each other ... The interconversion of the two forms involves the movement of an alpha hydrogen and the shifting of bonding electrons hence, the isomerism qualifies as tautomerism ...

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